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Formal training to enhance existing skills

Advanced Investigation Training Courses

For those already skilled in investigating in the workplace, needing a refresher, or looking to enhance their skills in a particular area, we offer a wide range of advanced investigation training courses. As with all our training, we bespoke our packages to meet your unique needs. We can also provide support for hearing managers, deciding officers and those managing your investigation service.

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Investigation expertise and training

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A wide range of advanced investigation training courses to suit your specific needs

CMP investigators are the best in their field. With countless cases under their belt, they are able to share their practical experiences across a variety of organisations in order to help improve the way your investigators conduct their cases. This will help improve efficiency, for a more timely, cost-effective and robust process, with minimal stress for all involved.

Investigations training

Advanced Investigation Masterclasses

We deliver bespoke, 1-day advanced investigation training masterclasses, focusing on the specific skills you need to enhance within your organisation. We also offer tailored courses for report-writing and note takers.

Contracted investigation services

Hearing Manager/ Deciding Officer Training

Ensure your hearing managers are equipped to make rigorous, robust, fair and thorough decisions in line with policies and procedures. Our training will develop such staff to reach decisions that are fit for purpose and withstand scrutiny at subsequent tribunals.

Investigation expertise and training

Managing the Investigation Process

For any effective investigation service, you’ll need someone to administrate and co-ordinate your cases. This training is aimed at such staff, to support them in working towards a consistent process, with effective interpersonal communication skills.

Advanced Investigation Training Masterclasses

Our advanced investigation training masterclasses are most suitable for investigators who have already undertaken formal training, or have delivered a large number of cases. We use a classroom learning environment, and achieve a balance between theoretical knowledge provision and practical skills development.

The one day course will further develop your investigators’ skills and build their confidence to conduct more effective investigations into grievances and disciplinary matters. By the end of their training participants will have:

  • Revived dormant investigation skills and learnt new ones
  • Identified and maximised strengths/ worked on development areas
  • Networked with peers and shared best practice ideas
  • Gained an updated knowledge of current best practice and legislation.

We also offer a tailored report-writing skills course for those looking to refine this particular area of their practice. This can also serve as a useful quality check for those looking for some feedback.

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Hearing Manager and Deciding Officer Training Programmes

Our advanced investigation training portfolio also includes our hearing manager and deciding officer courses. Tailored to those responsible for making decisions based on investigation findings, we’ll ensure they are expertly equipped to succeed in their role. We offer a 2-day ILM accredited hearing manager programme, and also a condensed 1-day course.

Course content will initially focus on the investigation process; and the role of the hearing manager associated with this. Trainees will develop process management skills, in order to effectively conduct the investigation process with minimal delay. They’ll also develop their skills in working with evidence, whilst ensuring they make a fair, impartial and proportionate assessment.

The latter part of the training focuses on the post-investigation decision making process. This will include how to best interpret evidence in line with policy and legislation; and to present/ report on such findings. The hearing manager’s role at appeal hearings is also explored here.

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Training to develop those managing the investigation process

An effective internal investigation service needs to be well co-ordinated and expertly administered. This role is most often assigned to HR, however our training equips any staff member with the skills needed to be proficient in this role. Our 1-day ‘Managing Investigations at Work’ programme is endorsed by the ILM, and is aimed at ensuring robust, quality investigations happen in a timely fashion.

Training will cover the key legislation and organisational policies/ procedures in relation to investigations. Trainees will understand the key roles of different stakeholders involved in the process, including the commissioner, investigator and deciding officer. Delegates will work through all the key aspects of process management, from planning an investigation, scheduling interviews, and quality assurance processes.

We also take the time to enhance trainee communication skills, with focus on the key areas: influence, persuasion and negotiation. Trainees will become better able to maintain impartiality under pressure, and de-escalate difficult behaviours when they present.

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