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Develop and refine your existing resolution skills

Advanced Mediation Training Courses

Mediation is a complex skill which can take many years to perfect. Our range of advanced mediation training courses are aimed at those who've already completed formal training, or those who have a good number of cases under their belt. Our expert trainers will help refine existing skills and develop new ones.

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CMP pioneered workplace mediation in the UK upon our formation in 1989

Develop advanced mediation skills to equip you to handle the most challenging cases

Even for the most experienced mediators, there is always scope to develop. Our advanced mediation training courses are delivered by a trainer with over 20 years' experience as a mediator. These courses are specially designed for those who want to be better able to work with complex, positional and difficult conflicts using more sophisticated and effective interactive skills.

Workplace Mediation settling disputes

Advanced Mediation Skills Training

We offer a 2-day advanced mediation masterclass, providing the skills needed for mediators to work under the most challenging circumstances and respond to difficult behaviours. We also deliver refresher training courses targeted at rebooting the skills of those who haven’t mediated for an extended period.

Training workplace mediators to mediate

Group mediation skills training

Conflicts amongst teams bring with them additional complexity and such require an enhanced skill set. For those looking to advance their practice and be confident in both mediating and facilitating large groups, we offer a 2-day ‘Mediating Group Conflicts’ programme.

workplace Mediation for team disputes

Managing/ co-ordinating a mediation service

There is a lot involved for those co-ordinating an internal mediation service to ensure its success. We offer a 1-day training course to help you ensure effective service delivery, and a good uptake of mediation.

Advanced mediation training courses and skills refreshers

Mediation is a challenging process for all and doesn’t always run as smoothly as hoped. Our 2-day advanced mediation training course equips your mediators with the skills needed to respond to resistance and counter unhelpful party beliefs, which may impair a successful process.

We’ll also support you in developing a coaching style to your practice which facilitates parties in developing the skills needed to help them make best use of the process. To enable the best quality practice scenarios, we use a professional actor in support of our trainer on the advanced course.

For those who have trained previously as mediators, or who are looking for ongoing development/ practice our ‘Mediation Reboot’ is an excellent option. The course delivers refreshment and advancement through role-play, networking, discussion of best practice and case study analysis.

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Advance your skills to mediate group disputes

In order to mediate conflicts within larger groups/ teams, you’ll need an understanding of why group get into conflict, and the ability to manage a group interaction. Our ‘Mediating Group Conflicts’ programme is a 2-day course tailored to developing such skills.

The course will equip trainers with an understanding of why teams/groups get into conflict, and how this can impact the wider organisation. We’ll help refine their communication style such that it is most effective for the group setting. Participants will be equipped with a range of tools and strategies to build on their existing 2-party mediation skills.

The course includes extensive practical role play scenarios to enable effective practice of small team mediation and facilitated group working.

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Managing a Mediation Service Training Course

Our ‘Managing a Mediation Service’ training course is suitable for co-ordinators or managers of a mediation service, to help ensure effective implementation and smooth delivery. This provides a useful addition to your organisation once it has already trained a pool of in-house mediators.

We’ll identify the key challenges posed by the role, and the core values of the mediation service. The course will provide trainees with new ideas for business planning, marketing and promotion of your internal service to ensure that its return on investment is best achieved.

Trainees will develop skills for dealing with reluctant parties, in addition to general administration, monitoring and evaluation. All delegates will complete a post-course written assignment, which, if passed will provide an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)- certified award.

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