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Workplace Bullying Mediation Services

Workplace bullying has a devastating impact upon morale, performance, productivity and staff turnover. Effected staff are often fearful of speaking up or raising a formal complaint. Mediation for bullying cases can be highly successful. Our expert bullying mediators have an unrivalled understanding of the causes and impacts of such behaviours, enabling for effective resolution and relationship rebuild.

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Workplace Mediation settling disputes

Enable a positive outcome for staff experiencing bullying at work

Expert workplace bullying mediation services to resolve issues before they escalate

We'll work with you to identify the underlying causes of bullying behaviours, and rebuild damaged relationships. Our bullying mediation process works to develop positive solutions for all involved. We'll help you save money, time and stress, and most importantly prevent damaging behaviours from having a wider impact within your organisation.

Refer a case for workplace mediation services

Refer a case of bullying for mediation

Our workplace bullying mediators build a safe environment in which staff can develop an improved understanding of each other’s needs. We provide the fastest possible response, ensuring that issues of bullying can be effectively dealt with, developing actionable positive solutions for all involved. In doing so you’ll save money time and stress by preventing formal processes.

Training workplace mediators to mediate

Train to carry out mediation for bullying cases

In order to effectively mediate bullying in the workplace, you’ll need specialist training. We offer a wide range of training options from short introductory workshops, to our ILM-endorsed Professional Workplace Mediator, and advanced masterclasses. We can deliver bullying mediation in-house to groups of 4 or more, while public courses are available for individuals to attend.

workplace Mediation for team disputes

Mediate Bullying Behaviours within a team

Bullying behaviours can have a wider, devastating impact on team productivity. When team performance drops, or groups become dysfunctional, an intervention is needed. Due to the complex nature of such situations, an expert pair of hands is required. Luckily CMP have a team of expert group mediators who can analyse the problems and create strategies to rebuild.

Meet our workplace bullying mediators

We only employ the very best workplace bullying mediators. Each must undergo a rigorous recruitment process, annual CPD and hold several years’ experience in conducting mediations into bullying issues within the workplace. Thanks to our large practitioner pool, we will provide you with a hand-picked mediator matched to your sector, location and specific details of your case. Meet a few of the individuals within our mediation team:

Picture of Anna, one of CMP's most experienced mediators


Anna is a highly experienced workplace bullying mediator. Her expert knowledge of needs-based communication enables parties to understand the underlying causes and impacts of bullying behaviours, to work towards resolution.

Dave, one of CMP's highly experienced mediators


Dave, also a part-time People Consultant for the RSPB, is one of CMP's most experienced mediators and trainers. He has successfully completed a large number of bullying mediations for a variety of clients across different sectors.



Dorothy has a wealth of experience tackling bullying issues within Local Government, the NHS and third sector organisations. She specialises in bullying mediation, team development and neutral assessments.

Ian Hill 2018


Ian has been working with CMP since 2004, and has conducted hundreds of mediations, many for bullying issues, across a range of sectors. Also a teacher and saxophonist, Ian also conducts neutral assessments and team interventions.

How can mediation help tackle issues of bullying in the workplace?

Despite new workplace strategies focusing on soft skills, emotional intelligence and early resolution, bullying unfortunately remains an issue. Recent reports suggest that up to a third of UK employees have been subject to bullying behaviours and many more impacted by having witnessed it.

Bullied staff tend to have poorer mental health, higher sickness absence rates, reduced productivity and are much more likely to leave your organisation. Not only is this the case, but employees are fearful of speaking up or making a complaint due to embarrassment or the worry of making things worse.

Many employees do not report bullying as they cannot imagine a positive resolution. This is where mediation can help. An effective bullying mediation process can return the situation to one of balance and understanding, to create an equal environment between a vulnerable employee and dominant manager without resorting to blame.

There is a fine line between a robust approach to management and bullying behaviours. The bullying mediation process allows each party to voice their concerns, feel heard, and empathised with. The mediator will help unravel the causes of the harmful behaviour, while working towards actionable agreements for all to work on.

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Refer a Case of bullying for mediation

When allegations are raised within your organisation, it’s crucial to respond as quickly as you can. Internal staff are very often busy with other functions, so can find it difficult to allocate the required amount of time to successfully intervene. Thanks to our large pool of bullying mediators, we can offer the quickest possible response. Our 30 years’ experience in conducting workplace mediations has led to our 97% success rate of reaching positive outcomes.

We stand out from our competition in that we deliver the interactive model of mediation. Other providers simply focus on developing actionable solutions. Our process facilitates communication on the needs-based level between parties, to enable an increased understanding, in order to rebuild the working relationship. This process helps with participants’ long term development, and in doing so, avoids repeat issues from developing in the future.

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Workplace Mediation for Team Disputes

When issues of bullying present within a team, the wider group tend to take a view, form alliances and possibly get involved. Colleagues are always negatively impacted by a bad relationship, even if it doesn’t outwardly show.

When bullying spreads to cause conflicts at the whole-team level, the conflict can become almost impossible to mediate internally. When this happens you need the support of an expert mediator. Our team of group mediators not only have expert mediation skills, but they are also trained to facilitate and manage large group interactions. Essentially, they understand the more complex issues that conflicts in a larger group can produce.

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