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Workplace Compliance, Ethics and Fraud Investigation Services

Any behaviour which fails to follow business processes, policies or regulatory guidelines puts your organisation at great risk. It is essential that a thorough investigation is carried out, to establish the facts and enable a proportional response to such concerns. Outsourcing your case ensures for a timely, robust and fair investigation for all those involved.

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Investigation expertise and training

Ensure minimal risk to the long term success of your organisation

Industry-Specific expertise in delivering workplace fraud, ethics and compliance investigation services

Thanks to our 30 years' experience and large, diverse investigator pool, we are able to provide a best-matched practitioner to your specific case. With UK-wide coverage, we'll allocate one of our ethics, fraud or compliance investigators to your case who truly understands your organisation and sector.

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Workplace Compliance Investigation Services

We’ll support your company’s compliance department in ensuring incidents of actual or suspected violations to your internal policies/ code-of-conduct are properly investigated. Outsourcing your case minimises the risk of potential damage to organisational reputation.

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Workplace Fraud Investigation Services

Fraud and corruption are some of the largest and potentially most damaging risks that a business can face. When you outsource your fraud or corruption investigation to us, you’ll receive a thorough, proportional response, of which the learnings are an essential part of any effective prevention strategy.

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Company Ethics Investigation Services

The long term success of any business is dependent upon ethical behaviours and procedures amongst all staff. Outsourcing your ethics investigation ensures for the highest quality service, to ensure that any possible harmful unethical workplace practices are eradicated.

Why choose CMP as your outsourced investigation service provider?

Very often, when an assessment is being made, the integrity of workplace investigations are judged by the reputation of the practitioner carrying out the case. Where we really stand out from our competition is the high level of skill and experience held by our investigator pool. All of our compliance, fraud and ethics investigators have many years of experience in multiple sectors and industries and are seen as leaders in their field.

There are many other reasons why our vast portfolio of clients trust us to work on their most complex, difficult and high profile cases, including:

– All of our investigations are conducted in accordance with our own Best Practice Standards (sitting above ACAS minimum guidelines)

– We offer the highest compliance to GDPR guidelines and cyber security, and are ISAME Cyber Essentials Plus certified

– Thanks to our internal administrative support team, we offer full case transparency and clear communication throughout the investigative process

– All of our cases are peer-reviewed for quality assurance purposes before our clients receive their reports

– Our highly accurate scoping system means that 90% of cases are delivered within the initially defined scope

– Not only does our large investigator pool enable us to assign a best matched practitioner to your case, it also enables us to assign you an investigator to begin working within 24 hours

Thanks to these factors and more, we have an unrivalled client retention rate, and also hold large contracts with organisations for whom we deliver many (or all) of their investigations.

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Experts in delivering compliance investigation services

An organisation’s compliance department has a responsibility to ensure that incidents of actual or suspected violations to the organisational code of conduct are investigated where appropriate. While some reported problems may be resolved quickly, or with an internal investigation; we strongly believe more serious violations require expert intervention with a thorough understanding of the compliance investigation process.

Our compliance investigation services offer the highest levels of impartiality and confidentiality, and are delivered in an empathetic manner to all those involved. This not only ensures for fair treatment of your staff, but also minimises the risk of company liability and negative publicity that could arise from a poorly-handled case or failure to investigate.

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The highest quality workplace fraud investigation service

A proportional response to any potential incidence of fraud or corruption is an essential part of your organisation’s overall fraud-prevention strategy. Fraud, and corruption can have an enormous business impact, with the ability to cause financial loss, a damaged reputation and personal embarrassment for senior staff.

Our highly-skilled fraud investigators are experienced in handling a wide range of cases, including:

– Corporate irregularities

– Regulatory violations

– Suspicious transactions

– Bribery and corruption

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Outsource your company ethics investigation to the experts

For any forward-thinking organisation, it is vital to build a commitment to the highest standards of ethical conduct, and uphold the values of your business. A crucial part of this is ensuring that any reports of unethical behaviour are responded to, with a thorough investigation where required.

We offer outsourced ethics investigations of the highest standard. Working with an external ethics investigator also communicates that your organisation will not tolerate unethical behaviour; one of many steps needed to build an open, diverse and inclusive working culture for all.

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Workplace Relationship Management & Dispute Resolution Services

Our ambition is to create workplaces where people can really be authentic, bringing their ‘whole self’ to work, without the fear of conflict.

CMP is a pioneer of approaches to manage and improve workplace relationships – a prime mover in the development and adoption of professional approaches to mediation, investigation and Conversational Integrity.

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The administration from CMP was exactly as it should have been, efficient, available and in the background. Throughout the process the investigator maintained a very professional approach and maintained confidence of all those involved in the case.

Senior Independent Director, South East Coast Ambulance Service