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Ensure a prompt and fair decision making process

Independent support with your disciplinary hearings

A disciplinary hearing is a compulsory part of the workplace disciplinary process. We offer external support, through provision of an expert hearing manager who will chair the disciplinary hearing for you and provide a recommended action based on all available evidence.

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Ensure you reach conclusions that are fit for purpose

External support to assist with your disciplinary hearing procedures

Thanks to our 30 years' experience, we have developed an expert understanding of the workplace disciplinary process. We understand the need for a well experienced hearing manager when decisions are being made, so provide support and training to ensure the most fair and robust outcomes.

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Disciplinary Hearing Support

We have a large pool of expert practitioners with a collective expertise of the disciplinary hearing process. We’ve provided external help with disciplinary hearings for a wide range of clients, so can provide a hearing manager best suited to your specific case and sector.

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Disciplinary Appeals Support

All employees have a right to raise an appeal if they feel the outcome of a disciplinary hearing is too severe, or when they believe any stage of the procedure was incorrectly or unfairly carried out. We can provide an expert external hearing manger to lead the appeal process and hearing.

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Disciplinary Hearing Training Courses

The disciplinary and appeals hearing process is complex. To ensure a fair outcome, you need a specifically trained hearing manger to lead the process. We offer 1-2 day disciplinary hearing training courses to equip hearing managers to make rigorous, robust and thorough disciplinary decisions.

Outsourced Disciplinary Hearing Support Services

When the outcome of your disciplinary investigation concludes that your employee has a case to answer, they should be invited to a subsequent disciplinary hearing. When you make the decision to work with one of our expert hearing managers, we’ll be able to arrange for and lead the hearing in a timely manner.

All of our hearing managers have many years’ experience in handling disciplinary hearings. They will chair the hearing meeting, hear the investigation findings and associated evidence, before then making a recommendation on what the final outcome should be. Where required we can write the associated written warnings and dismissal letters, for you to issue to the employee and alert them to their outcome.

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External Support with your Disciplinary appeals process

Any employee subject to disciplinary proceedings is entitled to raise an appeal against the findings. This can be initiated if: the employee feels their outcomes are wrong/ too severe; the process wasn’t properly conducted; or if they have new evidence they would like to be considered.

As an employer, you must respond by re-evaluating your case to ensure that the procedure was fairly followed and the correct outcome reached. Regulations enforce that the person conducting the appeal must have not been previously involved, and must hold a more senior position than anyone previously involved in the process. When you outsource your disciplinary appeal to CMP, the independence, credibility and experience levels of our practitioners ensures that both of these stipulations are met; and that the appeal is conducted in a fair, robust and thorough manner.

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Workplace disciplinary hearing training courses

Our disciplinary hearing training is endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). Our courses are designed to develop hearing managers who can make rigorous, robust and fair decisions in line with your organisational policies and procedures.

We always recommend a level of formal disciplinary hearing manager training as a minimum requirement for those making recommendations and decisions. Our training covers all aspects of the disciplinary hearing procedure, whilst also equipping trainees with the skills needed to respond effectively to challenging behaviours that may present during the process.

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