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Independent Inquiry Services

When workplace complaints are anonymised; or when you realise something isn't right, but require more evidence, an independent inquiry should be carried out. All our independent inquiries are delivered by highly experienced professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter required. CMP have experience of inquires into systemic bullying, harassment, institutional racism and homophobia.

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Investigation expertise and training

Ensure you establish the facts, such that appropriate actions can be taken

Expertly conduct an independent inquiry into suspected individual or company-wide issues

Refer a case for investigative services

Outsourced Independent Inquiry Services

Our large pool of expert practitioners are experienced into conducting independent inquiries into a variety of issues. When you realise something isn’t right within your organisation, but aren’t sure who is involved, you’ll achieve the best chances of success by outsourcing your inquiry.

Helping setting up employee relations

Neutral Assessment Services

When it is clear that a team is in conflict or not performing well, you’ll want to take action. One of our independent neutral assessment experts can carry out an objective and skilful analysis of the group, enabling production of a report that covers specific issues, individual feelings and potential solutions to move forwards.

workplace grievance investigation services

Company-Led Investigation Services

When an anonymous complaint has been made that requires investigation, we can treat your organisation as the complainant. We’ll conduct a thorough company-led investigation into the alleged behaviour, and interview all identified respondents and relevant witnesses.

An Outsourced Independent Inquiry into workplace issues

We have an active pool of over 50 expert investigators who deliver our independent inquiry services for a variety of organisations across all sectors. This means that when deciding to work with us, we provide a best-matched professional, with experience in your sector, who can commence work within 24 hours.

Working with an external provider communicates and provides the highest possible levels of impartiality, whilst ensuring a timely, thorough and robust assessment. On completion of the inquiry, your assigned investigator will provide a comprehensive fact-finding report, which (if required) can also make an assessment against your relevant internal policies and recommended action.

Workplace issues for which we can conduct an independent inquiry include:

– Systemic Bullying and Harassment

– Discrimination and Institutional Racism

– Whistleblowing concerns

– Ethics/ compliance issues

– Serious incidents

– and more…

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Neutral Assessment Services

When a group is in conflict or performance is poor, there may be hidden tensions or specific difficulties which have resulted in grievances and complaints. A Neutral Assessment is an informal process, aimed at identifying and exploring how the situation has arisen, through understanding the perspectives of the individuals involved.

The process provides the opportunity for your employees to voice their concerns and feel heard, whilst generating possible actionable solutions to tackle any problems. Typically, a Neutral Assessment may be the best solution, when:

– A problem is evident but you’re unsure how to handle it

– You are unsure a formal investigation is needed, but something needs to be done

– Concerning behaviours are preventing people working effectively, but it is difficult to identify the key perpetrators

– Poor practices may be widespread and hidden, but employees aren’t aware of their wrongdoing

Upon completion of the process a ‘no-blame’ report shall be compiled, to summarise the information gained through participant interviews, in an anonymous manner.

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The administration from CMP was exactly as it should have been, efficient, available and in the background. Throughout the process the investigator maintained a very professional approach and maintained confidence of all those involved in the case.

Senior Independent Director, South East Coast Ambulance Service