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CMP has the best clients in the UK

Mediation 17th July 2013

It’s always been my belief, and now I know it’s true.

Why? Because they give a damn about their managers – and they want to provide support and development to help them get the best out of themselves and their teams.

How do I know this? Because they turned up yesterday for the launch of our eLearning, aimed squarely at giving managers a new way of talking and listening to others.

We launched “The Courage to Manage: having essential conversations at work” in London to a really positive response.  ‘I can see this isn’t just another useless piece of eLearning’ said one; ‘this is just what our managers need’ said another.

They took away a free license to view and use the eLearning until 26 July.  It’s still possible for you to do the  same, if you sign up to our webinar on Thursday 18th July at 2pm.