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Does L&D have the courage to try E-learning?

Learning & Development 16th May 2013

There’s some evidence (CIPD 2011) that UK managers are pretty poor in general, and certainly poor at managing conflict.  We’re also hearing from our clients that their managers cannot be spared for more than a couple of hours a day, for training purposes.

In the spirit of serving our clients’ needs, we’ve developed a great new solution in our E-learning package, ‘The Courage to Manage: Essential conversations at work’. It’s brilliant – 90 minutes of exciting interactive stuff to help managers become conversationally conflict-competent.

Surely the HR Learning and Development world is going to lap it up…

So how my heart falls when I see a forum like this – aimed squarely at HR (this is HR Zone, and a perfectly good site it is if you’re after an HR job), and titled ‘learning and development’.

The last replies to forum topics were three or more years ago. Yes, that’s counting in YEARS. The topics generate a lot of views, but are L&D people engaging in any kind of dialogue? Nope.

It makes me wonder how our package will be greeted by the HR, learning and development world! And I don’t have long to wait as we’re launching it on 16 July at a big bash in London – with invites only going to our clients who, fingers crossed, will fall upon our offering as keenly as a child falls upon a bag of Smarties.