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Don't Suffer It, Solve It: The Army's Message For National Mediation Awareness Week

Mediation 2nd November 2017

We have worked with the Army for over a decade, to develop its own mediation service that is open to all ranks and over the past has proven to be very successful in solving workplace and personal issues.

This years’ mediation awareness week, BFBS interviewed those who run the service, and talked to some of those who have been specially trained to act as mediators between parties and we’ll get the thoughts of those who have been through the Army’s mediation process themselves. Major Elizabeth Warwick – OC Army Mediation Service

Brigadier Tim Carmichael – Information Directorate at Army Headquarters,  has had first hand experience of the mediation process

Patrick Moulsedale – Head of Mediation and Training. CMP Resolutions is the organisation that provides expert training to Army mediators, and are the long-term holders of the MOD’s mediation training contract, supporting mediation in all branches.

If you would like to learn more about how the Army use mediation, or how mediation might enhance your business practices, please feel free to get in touch.


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