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What happens after a workplace investigation?

29th August 2019

Once the investigation is complete, the investigator will provide a comprehensive written report, summarising and evaluating all the evidence that has been considered. Based on the evidence, a decision will be made as to whether the alleged complaint can be said to have happened.

If there is no evidence to uphold the complaint, then the disciplinary/ grievance procedure should be halted and no further action taken. (Mediation can be useful at this point, as if the parties are to continue to work together, then the relationship may need to be rebuilt.)

If there is sufficient evidence to support the complaint, then further action will need to be taken in accordance with company policy. This may take place in a number of forms, such as a disciplinary hearing, or employment tribunal. The employer may decide that the outcome is indicative of a wider organisational problem that needs to be tackled, so may decide to invest in staff training to prevent further issues in the future.