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What happens during a workplace investigation?

29th August 2019

A typical workplace investigation has a specific structure, consisting of several key stages. After a referral is made to CMP for an Investigation case, an Investigator will be appointed within 1 working day, after which you can expect the following sequence of events to occur:

Firstly, the investigator will arrange for a scoping meeting with the person within your organisation who commissioned the case. Following this a final purchase agreement will be produced, outlining the total costs, and the terms of reference will also be written and agreed.

Following the initial meeting, the investigator will prepare for and schedule interviews with all selected parties. The investigator will conduct a thorough interview to obtain all evidence needed to obtain a full outline of the complaint, and the response.

The investigator will then prepare for and interview any witnesses as identified as relevant to the investigation through the initial meeting and interviews. The investigator will also obtain any relevant supplementary information such as email threads, meeting minutes and attendance records.

Following each interview, the investigator will type up summary notes of each session, which will then be sent to the interviewed parties, allowing for the opportunity to make any amendments/ additions as deemed appropriate.

Next, the investigator will carefully analyse all obtained evidence, and produce a written report of the full investigation. This report will be quality assured by our expert administrative team, before its final submission to your organisation’s referring manager.