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What happens in a workplace mediation?

29th August 2019

The Mediator will first meet individually with each person involved. This is a private and confidential meeting for them each to explain their situation, what they want to gain through mediation and to confirm their consent to proceed.

Then, so long as all parties consent, the same mediator will meet with both/ all parties, in the joint mediation session. Each person will be given some individual, personal time to speak, while the other person(s) listen. The mediator will take note of each individual issue raised and facilitate an open discussion about each of these. During which the mediator guides the process and encourages deeper understanding through facilitating exploration of each person’s underlying needs. The mediator will then guide the participants into forming agreements as to what will happen in future, before drawing the session to a close.

A second joint session may follow at a later date, to provide a further opportunity to discuss the issues, and assess how successful the agreements have been.