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Who makes a good mediator?

29th August 2019

Mediation is a complex process, and potentially a very sensitive process for the parties who are involved. The likelihood of success is greatly determined by the personal attributes, skills and experiences of the mediator. When selecting a person to conduct a workplace mediation, we believe that the following characteristics are largely important (many of which can be further developed through training):

-Excellent listening skills: being patient, attentive and understanding of what other people say
-Being non-judgemental: so not becoming drawn in and keeping own opinions private
-Being Open-minded: in order to respond constructively to a wide variety of people, ideas and thinking styles
-A self-awareness of their own thinking style and the impact it may have on others
-A self-awareness of own thoughts and feelings about conflict, own responses to conflict
-Ability to make choices during the mediation about how to respond
-Ability to take responsibility for own actions and words
-Capability to stay calm and respond positively, without blame to difficult behaviour
-Ability to think creatively
-Ability to respond constructively to people’s feelings including anger and distress
-A positive understanding of issues surrounding diversity and dignity at work
-Ability to work confidentially and resist pressures from the organisation/ others to disclose information
-An awareness of the impact one’s own social identity may have on perceptions of impartiality
-Good organisation and administrative skills