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Why does mediation fail?

29th August 2019

In the rare instances where a mediation is not successful, the most common reasons tend to be:

-A lack of commitment to fully engage and make the effort to build success through the mediation process.
-When the mediation takes place too late when the conflict has escalated too far.
-When parties are concerned that the mediator is not impartial, and is favouring the other person(s)
-If parties do not trust that the process will be kept entirely confidential.

Working with an external mediator, provided by CMP ensures the quickest possible response, enabling conflict to be dealt with at an early stage, thanks to our large pool of workplace mediators. The provision of a person external to the company ensures that parties can be fully confident to express their views without fear of repercussions, generate the highest level of trust, that the process is a confidential one.