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Practitioner Area

This page contains information regarding IT and data protection for CMP Practitioners. Please make sure you also download and read CMP’s information security policy.

Data encryption (how to keep your files safe)

All the data related to CMP that’s kept on your home/office computer and/or laptop must be kept secure by using an encryption software. The encryption software will lock your files and protect them with a password of your choice. We recommend that you use TCnext (Truecrypt) to keep your CMP data safe. There are also other software options depending on your computer’s operating system.

Recommended software

Truecrypt (for Windows and Mac)

TCnext (Truecrypt) is an encryption software that works on Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Please make sure you download and install Truecrypt and to watch the tutorial video on the link provided below.

Download Truecrypt (TCnext): https://truecrypt.ch/downloads/
Tutorial: http://itechlog.com/open-source/2011/08/22/truecrypt-tutorial/

Other options

Microsoft BitLocker (for Windows)

Miscrosoft has its own encryption system called BitLocker. To use Bitlocker you must have the Enterprise, Ultimate or Professional (Win8) version of your Microsoft Operating system. If you don’t know what type of Microsoft Windows you have use this guide.

BitLocker tutorial: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows7/products/features/bitlocker

Apple/Mac encryption

Apple Mac users can use either Truecrypt or Apple’s own encryption.

Apple own: http://truecrypt.sourceforge.net/OtherPlatforms.html
Truecrypt for Mac: http://itechlog.com/open-source/2011/08/22/truecrypt-tutorial/

Your CMP email account

These are the details you need to know in order to access your CMP email. Please note that investigators must not use an e-mail client for their CMP e-mail.

Via the webmail/Gmail (online)

Website: (or http://gmail.com)
User name: your full CMP email address

Via an e-mail client (e.g. Outlook, Mail for Mac, Mobile phone)

On mobile phones your email can be setup as a Google account, since we use Google Apps for business. Please note that if you do setup your CMP email on your mobile device, you must make sure that your device can be remotely wiped in case of loss or theft. This is in accordance with CMP’s information security policy.

Email client setup details:

Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server – Requires SSL

Port: 993
Requires SSL:Yes

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server – Requires TLS

Port: 465 or 587
Requires SSL: Yes
Requires authentication: Yes
Use same settings as incoming mail server

Full Name or Display Name: [your name] Account Name or User Name: your full CMP email address (username@cmpresolutions.co.uk)

Email address: your full CMP email address (username@cmpresolutions.co.uk)

How to find your lost / stolen device

This section has information on how to locate and remotely wipe your devices. This is very important, please make sure you read it and take the necessary steps.

Desktops and laptops

There are a lot of software out there that will help you track a lost or stolen computer. At CMP we recommend the use a software called Prey. It lets you keep track of your laptop in case it’s reported missing. Prey is free for use on up to 3 devices.

Website: https://preyproject.com/

Mobile phones and tablets

In case of loss or theft of your mobile phone or tablet, Google (Android), Apple and Blackberry have ways of locating and remotely wiping the data off your device. You must make sure your device is setup properly beforehand.

Android: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/3265955?hl=en
iPhone/iPad (Apple devices): http://support.apple.com/kb/PH2701