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Professionally handle internal disputes

workplace investigation training courses to develop the skills needed to resolve serious cases

Serious issues in the workplace such as bullying, harassment and whistleblowing must all be handled professionally. In training to become an investigator with CMP, you'll receive the expertise needed to resolve cases as fairly as possible. You'll not only learn how to carry out an investigation, but you'll also develop the soft skills needed to effectively communicate through the process.

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Investigation expertise and training

A range of tailored options to match your needs

Our Investigations Training for Managers enables your managers to become highly-capable investigators

Investigations training

Core Skills Courses

Our ILM recognised 3-day Essential Investigator Skills course is the minimum training needed for competency as a workplace mediator

Contracted investigation services

Professional Level

We offer an ILM recognised Professional Workplace Investigator Course, covering all aspects of investigator training. This is a 6-day, comprehensive course, providing what’s needed to tackle complex investigations.

Investigation expertise and training

Advanced Investigation Courses

Aiming to improve your investigator skills, or support the development of Hearing Managers and Deciding Officers.

Specialist Investigation Skills Training

Any organisation will, from time to time, need a confident, able and effective manager to investigate a complaint, ranging from bullying to whistleblowing issues. No matter how naturally talented a manager you are, perhaps with countless years of experience, this may not be sufficient. In order to carry out a robust, fair investigation and a comprehensive report, some extra training may be needed.

At CMP we don’t just teach you how to conduct an investigation, we also ensure you have the all-important soft-skills to succeed. Our training provides you with the knowledge needed to know how to conduct a disciplinary investigation, or deal with grievances. We offer fully endorsed, complete investigation packages, as well as shorter courses and workshops. In addition to our general investigations training, we also offer specialist training courses, tailored to your needs. Such courses include dealing with student complaints, healthcare serious incidents, and whistleblowing/ ethics.

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Core Skills

If you’re looking to learn how to become an investigator, our Essential Investigator course is an ideal place to start. We’ll provide you with the skills needed to handle internal investigations more effectively, saving you time and financial costs.

This training will raise awareness of important issues and provide a basic level of knowledge and skills practice for investigation. Aspects of the investigation which we cover include:

  • Fact-finding
  • Report writing
  • Confidentiality
  • Note-taking
  • Interviewing skills
  • Active listening
  • Impartiality

CMP have 30 years’ experience in carrying out workplace investigations. All of our trainers are highly experienced investigators with hands-on experience. That’s what makes us the leading provider of investigation training courses in the UK!

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Professional Skills Training

Complete one of our workplace investigation training courses to develop the skills needed to resolve serious cases. On all of our courses, we provide a balance of people- management skills, process skills and legislation knowledge. All of our courses are delivered by a trainer with at least 15 years’ experience of investigating and training.

Our Professional Workplace Investigator course is ILM-endorsed and has been developed to help organisations build an internal capacity to set up and run workplace investigations. This comprehensive 6-day course provides trainees with all the information and skills needed for any type of internal investigation. The course’s teachings include:

  • Theoretical understanding of investigative policy and procedures
  • Communication skills and impartiality
  • Gaining information from all included parties
  • Management and analysis of the investigation

Personalised coaching, mentoring and feedback will be provided for all participants. A written assessment will be completed at the end of the course, with personalised comments.

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Advanced Investigation Courses

All CMP investigators are able to draw on high levels of practical experience in running investigations in large organisations. This provides them with the highest level of expertise when delivering your training. They’ve gained their experience in relevant professions, such as the law, armed forces, police and HR.

We offer an Advanced Investigation Skills masterclass, aimed at those with at least 10 investigation cases under their belt. This course is specifically tailored to those looking to further advance their investigator skills. We also run advanced courses tailored to HR staff, and those taking the role of Hearing Manager or Deciding Officer. Other advanced investigation training courses we offer include:

  • Understanding Hearings and Appeals for Managers
  • Report Writing Skills
  • Skills for Notetakers
  • Taking the Grief out of Grievances
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Our ambition is to create workplaces where people can really be authentic, bringing their ‘whole self’ to work, without the fear of conflict.

CMP is a pioneer of approaches to manage and improve workplace relationships – a prime mover in the development and adoption of professional approaches to mediation, investigation and Conversational Integrity.

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