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The Blue Light sector and CMP

CMP has deep experience of supporting Blue Light services in addressing the challenges of changing their culture.

We develop interpersonal capabilities in leadership and management, provide support and restorative services to staff from dispute resolution to independent Helplines, and deliver HR investigations and professional case reviews.

Fostering a Culture of Support and Accountability

Transforming organisational culture requires aligning senior leaders with the imperative for change. This entails promoting early intervention practices like conflict coaching and skills development for staff and management to address behavioral issues swiftly. Additionally, establishing accessible reporting channels, such as a dedicated app and Helpline service, ensures confidentiality and support for those facing concerns or uncertainties.

In fostering inclusivity, initiatives like the Harnessing Difference training program offer a proactive approach to challenging discrimination without provoking defensive responses. Furthermore, conducting independent investigations and providing fair hearings and mediation processes demonstrate a commitment to resolving grievances effectively. By consistently implementing these strategies, organizations create an environment where all employees feel valued and supported.

Working with Leading Blue Light Services

CMP Blue Light clients include The Metropolitan Police; London Fire and Rescue; South East Coast Ambulance Service, Yorkshire Ambulance Service and Avon and Somerset Police.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it was intense and there is a lot to take on board, however it was delivered at a good pace and in a way that was easy to digest. I finished the course feeling passionate about mediation and couldn't speak more highly of CMP.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service