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Sport at CMP

Conflict in sport should be a positive concept where different perspectives are encouraged and new ideas are created

Harnessing different perspectives and ideas can be a great opportunity for sporting organisations to learn, develop and grow. In a performance setting, this concept of positive conflict may lead to creativity that generates a “marginal gain,” and the difference between winning and losing. Elsewhere in sport, it may lead to a change that enables the sport to be more attractive and welcoming to a greater diversity of participants.

Our ambition is to

Create positive sport environments

where everyone can be authentic, bringing their ‘whole self‘ to their sport, at whatever level they play, without the fear of negative conflict or reprisal.

Organisations and individuals directly responsible for, and involved in, sport need to be confident in managing conflict so that it a positive and constructive force. At CMP, we recognise that not all conflict is positive and in turn, understand that this can quickly lead to formal processes – but we also believe that it many cases, an early intervention through informal processes has the potential to de-escalate and successfully resolve the conflict.

At CMP, we offer a comprehensive range of training and services to support sporting organisations to be able to confidently and effectively manage conflict. We can also provide external mediation and investigation services where there is a recognised need for a higher level of expertise and independence.

CMP has learning and development courses designed specifically for the sporting sector. We welcome the opportunity to work with sporting sector clients to create bespoke courses to meet a specific need.


Creating psychological safety is essential for sport organisations and those that lead them. Its  presence can give individuals the confidence to take risks, be motivated to engage in sharing their ideas, to speak up with questions and concerns, and to admit mistakes — all without fear of negative consequences. The benefits of which can be significant both on an organisational and personal level.

We have a wealth of practical expertise to share in this area, which has been recognised by the ILM.

At CMP, our team of Associates have experience working with a range of National Governing Bodies and professional sport organisations. Our work in sport has included:

  • Comprehensive review of an NGBs internal grievance and disciplinary policies and procedures. Providing advice on building a framework to facilitate and build confidence for staff and athletes to “speak out” with their concerns. Advice on conflict resolution particularly through the use of informal means such as mediation.
  • Conflict Resolution training for senior football leaders
  • Conversational Integrity training for an NGB senior leadership team
  • Several complex investigations requiring a level of independence due to the severity of the misconduct and breaches of codes of conduct
  • Multiple individual and group mediations involving a range of individuals in conflict; Athlete/athlete, Athlete/Coach, Performance Director/Coach, Parent/Coach

In all my years of working not just for Celtic FC but in other organisations as well, this is the best programme I have been on.

Delegate, Celtic FC