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Supporting the development of conversational integrity enables a positive, can-do culture that underpins strong performance: better working lives, solution finding and creativity. We call these Clear Air or 'Fearless' workplaces.

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Employee relations for consultancy


Design and delivery of relationship development strategies based on professional assessments of the effectiveness of existing processes. We help you make a robust business case for investment in a Clear Air culture and provide expertise and training for organisation-wide initiatives.

Helping setting up employee relations


All the professional support needed to better set up your own in-house mediation, investigation or harassment advice service, from scratch or re-invigorate an existing service.
Best practice guidelines, skills development and ongoing support. We also develop and deliver bullying, harassment, and diversity awareness programmes.

Ethics within consultancy


We support organisations to become more Compliant and Resilient to Reputational, Financial and Legal risk by improving employee engagement, through the development of a ‘Speak up’ culture. Aligning the behaviours of your people to those expected by your organizational values, using our Mind the Gap survey and Conversational Integrity development.

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A key ingredient to our work is Conversational Integrity. These interpersonal soft skill capacities are essential for transforming cultures, translating differences and disputes into understanding, trust, collaboration and improved performance.

For 30 years, we have been working at the heart of workplaces, unpicking the issues that come between individuals, teams and departments. We understand the mechanics of interpersonal relationships, how they work and are affected by different structures and management approaches. Our insights give us the knowledge and expertise to better diagnose organisational challenges and recommend interventions that develop Conversational Integrity and build a Clear Air culture.

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Ethics And Compliance

CMP uses Conversational Integrity techniques to develop leaders, managers and staff at every level. Our ambition is to create ‘Clear Air’ workplaces where teams work more effectively together, embrace different personalities and perspectives, are better at problem-solving, and have the confidence to be innovative. Using a diagnostic tool we’re able to identify gaps between organisational values and the behaviour staff, making recommendations for what learning and development is needed and where.

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Resources & Further Reading

How The Best Employers Create A Clear Air Workplace

The CMP Guide to closing the gap between organisational values and employee behaviours.


How The Best Managers Always Have Good Conversations

The CMP Guide to handling difficult conversations and defusing conflict.


The UK’s leading independent provider of

Workplace Relationship Management & Dispute Resolution Services

Our ambition is to create workplaces where people can really be authentic, bringing their ‘whole self’ to work, without the fear of conflict.

CMP is a pioneer of approaches to manage and improve workplace relationships – a prime mover in the development and adoption of professional approaches to mediation, investigation and Conversational Integrity.

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CMP is a very good company to do business with and I would definitely recommend them.  I was very happy with the service offered, the investigation training and the follow-up support.  Our organisational objectives were clearly met by CMP's involvement and I believe the training has provided the foundation for success.

Acting Head of HR, Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust