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To build a workplace based on open and intelligent, constructive conversations, organisations need a mix of managers and teams with the right skills. We have a wealth of practical expertise to share, which have been recognised by the ILM.

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Build a culture of better conversations

Learning & Development services across the EMEA


Personal and team development


With good listening, empathy and understanding, all managers have the ability to get what they want from difficult situations and conversations around complaints, grievances, bullying and harassment. We help you master your responses and behaviours.

Courses include:

  • Courageous Conversations
  • Avoiding the bullying trap
  • Dignity and Fairness at work
  • Personal Resilience
  • Conflict Management for Managers
Developing skills to manage others


Develop staff into an internal resource for in-house mediation services, and those able to run workplace investigations. Training ranges from short courses and workshops to full qualifications and advanced masterclasses, and can be delivered in-house for groups.

Courses include:

  • ILM Endorsed Mediation Skills
  • Group Mediation Skills
  • ILM Endorsed Investigation Skills
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Serious Incident Investigation
Bespoke courses from CMP resolutions

Bespoke courses

Can’t find what you are looking for?

We want to deliver what’s going to work best for you.

We can tailor our offerings to provide exactly the right blend of skills, which are aligned to your organisation’s culture.

In short, if it involves a conversation, we can help improve it!

How we train

We use all of our day-to-day experience working in major organisations to keep on developing and refining our training offer. That means programmes that are razor sharp in their relevance to the latest HR and management context and developments.

Our training covers all the key aspects involved in the practical delivery of a clear air culture: from conversations skills and management qualities to mediation and investigation services. And it’s offered in forms that work with busy working lives, as well as in-depth programmes. Trainers are experts and highly experienced practitioners who create an environment that’s supportive and motivational – a place where people want to be open and want to learn.

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Our Learning Cycle

We use the CMP Learning Cycle to not just give people new soft skills – but, more importantly, to change people’s underlying state of mind, their intentions, leading to a more instinctive use of the skills and behaviours.

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CMP's learning cycle, teaching you the soft skills to resolve conflict

Personal And Team Development

Courses get to the crux of conversation skills for better management: managing difficult conversations, dealing with issues around performance and change. Conflict coaching, for example, helps managers to better understand the psychology of conflict and learn the tools and techniques needed to manage it more effectively with one-to-one attention and support. The Courage to Manage e-learning programme equips managers with a ‘how to’ toolkit and takes managers through a range of realistic scenarios – complaints, grievances, bullying and harassment – to test their thinking and behaviours. Remote support is provided by a CMP coach.

Management Training Courses

Mediation and Investigations Skills

Core mediation skills are of real value for personal development – for listening, facilitation, empathy and developing Emotional Intelligence. All the trainers delivering courses are practising mediators with current experience to draw on. Programmes are endorsed by the College of Mediators, and many are also Institute of Leadership and Management accredited. Our workplace investigation skills programmes are Institute of Leadership & Management endorsed and led by established workplace investigators, drawing on their hands-on work in organisations on cases of complaints, grievances, bullying and harassment.

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Bespoke Courses

There are two essential principles at the heart of what we do. Training can be a superficial experience. We use the CMP Learning Cycle to not just give people new soft skills – but, more importantly, to change people’s fundamental ‘intention’, why and how they do what they do. Because how you do something can be more important than what you do. We use Conversational Integrity to create Clear Air workplaces where teams work more effectively together, embrace different personalities and perspectives, are better at problem-solving and have the confidence to be innovative.

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CMP White Papers

Resources & Further Reading

The Bully-free Workplace

The CMP Guide to taking a positive approach to bullying and harassment.


How The Best Employers Create A Clear Air Workplace

The CMP Guide to closing the gap between organisational values and employee behaviours.


The UK’s leading independent provider of

Workplace Relationship Management & Dispute Resolution Services

Our ambition is to create workplaces where people can really be authentic, bringing their ‘whole self’ to work, without the fear of conflict.

CMP is a pioneer of approaches to manage and improve workplace relationships – a prime mover in the development and adoption of professional approaches to mediation, investigation and Conversational Integrity.

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The training was one of the best courses I have attended throughout my whole career. A superb trainer with extraordinary levels of experience, capacity and energy and a great deal of theoretical and practical experience knowledge, they knew the subject matter inside and out!

Policy Specialist, International Atomic Energy Agency