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Workplace Investigations

Investigation service and training from the UK’s largest provider

CMP carries out over 300 workplace investigations a year, some under a call-off contract, some as individual referrals. Since 1989 we have delivered top-quality investigations: grievances, disciplinary matters, whistleblowing concerns, company-led investigations; for student complaints and into never-events for the NHS.

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Investigation expertise and training

Our experience has made us the UK’s leading provider

We have an established network of highly experienced workplace investigators all under the supervision of our Head of Investigation, based all over the UK.

CMP Investigators have expertise in the process of investigation in the workplace. They’re able to encourage more trust and willingness to participate among employees which means getting to the facts more easily. And, by working with us, you’ll limit the potential for failure at appeals due to our robust and transparent processes, best practice standards, and internal quality assurance.

In addition, we train managers to carry out workplace investigations to the highest national standards, as well as delivering other investigation-related courses such as for Appeal Managers and HR managers.

CMP is one of the only BS:102000 accredited investigation providers; and we are the only organisation with Best Practice Standards for investigations at work.

Refer a case for investigative services

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If you have an individual situation requiring an external investigator, contact CMP. Clients contact us to investigate all types of complaints for them, perhaps because the complaint involves very senior people, or sits within HR itself, or is large and complex – or because they simply lack capacity to progress it internally.  

Investigations training


Large and small organisations entrust us with their investigations at scale, via a call-off contract. In addition to receiving a favourable rate, with flexible options, they can simply pick up the phone or send a case referral, and be assigned an investigator straight away. Someone familiar with but not part of, your organisation, who will prioritise your case and work at speed. 

Contracted investigation services


You may prefer to develop your internal capacity for carrying out workplace investigations in line with best practice standards, and our ILM Endorsed  Professional Workplace Investigator is a market-leading six-day training course designed to leave investigators confident, capable and skilled regardless of what matters they are called on to investigate. We also provide shorter courses, and skills-building for those already trained.  

Contracted Workplace Investigation Services

With our call off contact clients, we develop a bespoke process for case management; provide monthly or weekly case reports with full party, issue and outcome analysis.

You get to know your own team of CMP experts – a dedicated account manager, investigators, and delivery coordinators – and know you have the back up and support of a large organisation to turn to and rely on. 


Refer a case for investigation

We will provide an independent investigator able to support you through all aspects of the investigation. And using a CMP investigator means the complaint is fully, fairly, and robustly investigated in a timely manner.

The facts found are assessed against the relevant standard within the policy, and findings (where requested) reached on the balance of probability.  So, you can have confidence in the process and the finding and have the matter off your desk and in safe hands at speed.  

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UK leaders in workplace relationship development


From mediation to investigation, neutral assessment to conflict coaching, we provide market-leading training and services to every type of workplace.

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The administration from CMP was exactly as it should have been, efficient, available and in the background. Throughout the process the investigator maintained a very professional approach and maintained confidence of all those involved in the case.

Senior Independent Director, South East Coast Ambulance Service