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Expertly conduct workplace investigations, accredited to the British Standard BS:102000

With an increasing expectation of diligence, conducting fair, robust, and timely investigations in the workplace is crucial. We deliver the expertise needed to conduct grievance investigations into serious complaints, bullying, harassment, and whistleblowing cases. All of which need watertight processes and professional handling. CMP are one of the only BS:102000 accredited investigation providers.

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Investigation expertise and training

Ensure you’re taking the professional approach

Workplace Investigation services and training delivered across the EMEA

CMP are the UK’s leading workplace investigation company. We understand that the key to an effective workplace investigation is a good, experienced investigator. Mishandling investigations can have devastating consequences, so we’ll ensure you’re properly supported in resolving such cases.

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We can take on one-off workplace investigations. We provide a watertight service when there are high levels of risk for the organisation and its reputation. We’ll provide you with an independent investigator to support you in managing serious and complex cases. This includes complaints, disciplinaries, grievances, bullying, compliance and whistleblowing concerns.

Investigations training

Workplace Investigation Training Courses

Develop an internal capacity for setting up and running workplace investigations in line with best practice standards. Training ranges from short courses and workshops to our ILM Endorsed The Professional Workplace Investigator and advanced masterclasses. These can be delivered in-house for groups of four or more, and public courses are available for individuals.

Contracted investigation services

Contracted workplace Investigation services

We’ll provide you with independent external investigators to carry out internal workplace investigations on behalf of your company whenever they’re needed. This will provide your company with an expert and established process. We produce fair and rigorous reports into complaints, bullying and harassment for you to use in your decision making.

How can working with an expert workplace investigation company help?

Carrying out investigations in the workplace is necessary, regardless of your business size or nature. Investigations often involve tangles of claims and counter-claims, sometimes involving the senior team. When encountering these, organisations need to demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism. Increasingly the world is watching and conducting an improper investigation leaves open the risk of potential liability and highly negative consequences.

CMP has been carrying out workplace investigations on behalf of employers for 30 years. Such experience includes compliance and whistleblowing issues, complaints and grievances, bullying and harassment, and more. Our experience has made us the UK’s leading provider. We have an established network of highly experienced workplace investigators, based in locations across the UK. All are expertly trained in delivering a fair, robust, and quality service in line with legislation, best practice, and the British Standard for Investigation Services BS:102000.


If a complex workplace investigation is left to inexperienced managers, the chances of success are greatly reduced. The likelihood of an employment tribunal becomes increased. In such situations, the costs to the business and impacts on staff members can rapidly escalate. This has a huge impact on productivity.

Workplace investigations can often involve sensitive and complex situations. In such cases, employees may find it difficult to address difficult matters in the presence of a familiar colleague. We find that participants are often reassured when using an independent external investigator and can better open up and express their concerns. It’s critically important to obtain all valuable information during an investigation. CMP’s workplace investigators are in the best possible position to achieve this.

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Contracted Workplace Investigation Services

When taking out a contract for investigation services with CMP, you’ll receive a favourable rate with flexible options. You’ll then be able to simply pick up the phone and we’ll assign an investigator to you, who will prioritise your case.

Involving independent investigators means reducing the risk of mishandled cases and reliance on senior managers and HR for time-consuming tasks. This is something that particularly should be avoided during times of major organisational change. The CMP approach to internal investigations is regulated to consistent standards and processes.

CMP Investigators have expert knowledge of the process of investigation in the workplace. They’re able to encourage more trust and willingness to participate among employees. This allows for a resolution to be reached more quickly. Critically, when working with us to investigate workplace matters, you’ll limit the potential for failure at appeals. The risk of claims being escalated into formal employment tribunals is also greatly reduced.

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The most serious and complex workplace investigations; such as grievances, bullying or harassment; demand a sensitive and rigorous approach. This is for the sake of both the individuals involved, and for your organisation. Investigative policies and techniques can be complicated, and we believe working with a properly trained workplace investigator is most beneficial.

Using a CMP investigator provides the reassurance that you are working with the UK’s leading provider. Our Investigation cases are typically resourced within 2 days. They’re then completed in a timely manner, as we understand how important it is to limit disruption and stress for all those involved.

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Our ambition is to create workplaces where people can really be authentic, bringing their ‘whole self’ to work, without the fear of conflict.

CMP is a pioneer of approaches to manage and improve workplace relationships – a prime mover in the development and adoption of professional approaches to mediation, investigation and Conversational Integrity.

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The administration from CMP was exactly as it should have been, efficient, available and in the background. Throughout the process the investigator maintained a very professional approach and maintained confidence of all those involved in the case.

Senior Independent Director, South East Coast Ambulance Service