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Neutral Assessment Service

Ideal for smaller teams where relationships are damaged, perhaps factions have emerged around a manager, but there is nothing tangible for leaders to address. A neutral assessment expert will hear from each person involved, and prepare a confidential report that outlines the contributing issues and identifies solutions to move forwards.

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Leaders in Workplace Conflict

What is a Neutral Assessment?

A neutral assessment is an objective and skilful assessment of a group of people (from part of a team right up to whole departments) which results in objective overview of what is happening in relation to the issues within that group.   

The main purpose of a neutral assessment is to identify and ‘future test’ how to resolve matters.  And because it is an informal process it sits outside formal procedures meaning people can engage without feeling anxious or blamed.  

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Over 35 years of experience

CMP’s independent expert, skilled in understanding groups, management, conflict, and organisational culture, assesses how the situation has arisen, evaluates the issues, and identifies options and recommendations.  They have contact with each person involved to hear their perspective, their feelings and responses, and their ideas for moving forward.  

So whatever your organisation’s structure or sector, and regardless of the seniority of those who might be included, we have the experience and knowledge to work confidently and confidentially to engage each person and identify the underlying causes of the tensions and problems. 

Using 35 years’ experience of why and how conflict, discord, poor behaviour and group tensions emerge, we will identify the causes effecting this team and crucially identify what needs to change and how, so that they get back to constructive collegiate working. 

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The administration from CMP was exactly as it should have been, efficient, available and in the background. Throughout the process the investigator maintained a very professional approach and maintained confidence of all those involved in the case.

Senior Independent Director, South East Coast Ambulance Service