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Develop smarter working initiatives at your workplace

Research clearly shows that people are more motivated and productive if they can work in a way that suits them best. With greater access to flexible and remote working, achieving a balance between work and home life has become far easier to achieve. Our training sessions provide an introduction to proactive measures on smarter working and open up valuable conversations.

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smarter working initiatives

Experience across diverse sectors in providing training for

Smarter ways of working to improve productivity

flexibility at work

Developing flexibility in the workplace

The benefits of flexible working are profound both on staff morale and company productivity. While many organisations have policies in place, if they are not implemented well, some employees find the changes can be challenging.

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Remote working to improve productivity

The number of companies that have embraced remote working is continually growing. Remote working is an excellent way to help improve work/ life balance, which is crucial for employee productivity. We’ll support you in developing the best initiatives.

workplace time management

time management training courses

Time management allows you to be more organised and reduce stress in the workplace. We’ll teach you effective time management practices to build productivity and morale.

How we train

CMP trainers have all previously worked in major organisations, enabling them to build up a wealth of personal experience. They are regularly updating the training they offer, in line with the latest developments and initiatives. All of our programmes contain a variety of activities, including pre-course learning, ted talks and facilitated discussions. We have a wide portfolio of existing courses and can also develop bespoke options.

CMP have partnered with Lilipad to deliver our management training. Lilipad are a highly respected business with 25 years’ of expertise in delivering management training solutions. We’ll provide truly memorable learning experiences that achieve long-lasting improvements. We’re experienced in training managers in numerous public, private and third sector organisations.

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Our learning cycle

We use the CMP Learning Cycle to not just give people new soft skills – but, more importantly, to change people’s underlying state of mind, their intentions, leading to a more instinctive use of the skills and behaviours.

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CMP's learning cycle, teaching you the soft skills to resolve conflict

Training to develop flexible working practices

Flexible working can take a number of forms, ranging from flexible working hours to having the option of working at home. Other flexible working examples include job-sharing, phased retirement, or condensing full-time hours into a shorter working week.

There are a number of benefits to a flexible workforce. Employees will feel happier at work, knowing that their needs are being met. Raised morale leads to better productivity and a smarter workforce. We’ll help train managers in developing suitable flexible working options, tailored to your business. Our courses range from short ‘micro bite’ sessions to 2-day masterclasses. Enquire now and reap the benefits of flexibility in the workplace.

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Developing remote working best practices

Remote work allows staff to carry out all or some of their contracted hours outside of the traditional working environment. It’s an excellent option for a number of jobs, where work doesn’t necessarily need to be carried out in a certain location. Remote working can improve productivity and save time.

CMP offers a range of courses to train your managers to incorporate remote working at their company. We’ll provide remote working tips as part of our ‘micro bite’ training sessions, or a more in-depth training for remote working best practices in our 2- day masterclass.

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Improving your workplace time management strategies

Two of the key factors when it comes to time management are prioritisation and delegation. Our training will improve your time management skills in the workplace, enabling you to boost productivity, and ensure the right tasks are carried out at the best time, and in the correct order. Delegation also empowers teams. It makes team members feel valued, whilst they develop better practice and knowledge in the process.

We offer a wide range of time management for leaders training programmes. We’ll help you choose the best option for you, ranging from ‘micro bite’ sessions in employee time management to 2-day ‘master class’ programmes teaching time management in the workplace.

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