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Investigations training courses adapted to enable you to carry out specialist investigations

All serious issues in the workplace require professional, thorough handling in line with best-practice guidelines. We feel that certain workplaces require more specialised investigation skills, so we've developed a range of more specific training courses. Our specialist investigations courses include those tailored to healthcare serious incidents, student complaints, and whistleblowing.

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Investigation expertise and training

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Comprehensive Investigations Training Courses, Applied to your workplace.

serious incidents investigations training courses

Serious Incidents Investigation Training Courses

Our specialised investigations training courses for serious incident investigations have been tailored to specific sectors. These courses will prepare you to deal with serious incidents requiring investigation in the health care, social and housing sectors.

student complaints investigation training courses

Student Complaints Investigations (Misconduct/ academic appeals)

Student complaints can be dealt with at a number of levels. Our courses range from providing training for informal resolution, all the way up to formal investigations of complaints.

whistle blowing investigation training courses

Investigating Whistleblowing Concerns

Our whistleblowing investigations training provides managers with the soft skills and expertise needed to respond rapidly to complaints. In doing so, lengthy investigations and high costs can be prevented.

Training to deal with serious incidents requiring investigation

We offer serious incidents investigation training courses, carefully tailored to those working in the healthcare sector. The training provides all that is needed to meet the requirements, roles and responsibilities of investigators as outlined in the NHS serious incident framework. The course is also applicable to those investigating in the social care or housing sectors.

Like all of our investigations training courses, our serious incidents training includes a balance of people-management, interview skills, knowledge of the legislation involved, and report-writing skills. We have tailored this course to ensure your organisation can identify and learn what went wrong, how it went wrong, and how the risk of a repeat incident can be minimised.

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Student Complaints Investigations Training Courses

Our student complaint investigations training courses are tailored to higher and further education establishments, seeking to fulfil their obligations under the Office of Independent Adjudicators framework. They’re designed to enable your institution to respond informally, to mediate, or to investigate complaints of any kind involving students. Such complaints may include those regarding any aspect of their course/learning, or with regards to the services/ facilities provided by the university. We’ll also train you how to deal with complaints made about other students.

Our student complaints courses are categorised into 3 ‘stages’, based on the level of intervention to be carried out by the university.

  • Stage ‘0’ courses are 1-day training packages, providing the basis for informal dispute resolution. We also offer mediation training for early local resolution of disputes/ complaints.
  • Our stage ‘1’ is a 1-day programme tailored for local low-level investigations.
  • Our stage ‘2’ courses provide 2-days comprehensive training for formal investigations into complaints.
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Training for investigations into whistleblowing concerns

At CMP, we aim to create an ‘open-culture’ in the workplace. This is a place where issues can be raised constructively and dealt with promptly. Part of this is that staff need to feel comfortable in raising whistleblowing concerns with their managers. We support organisations in the development of a ‘rapid-response’ system, to address any raised concerns, quickly.

Our training will help minimise any negative consequences of whistleblowing, such as bad publicity, lengthy investigations, and costs, whilst maximising the positive impacts of an effective whistleblowing system. We’ll help ensure critical information reaches key people, to allow for early rectification of the problem.

Managers need specific training in order to ensure appropriate responses to complaints. Whistleblowing can be a delicate situation, so we’ll ensure you develop the soft skills needed to deal with concerns about the process that staff may have. A frequent concern is the fear of repercussion or bullying by other staff members.

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