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Management training courses to build resilience in the workplace and deal with stress at work

To achieve our aim of creating better workplaces, organisations need managers who are equipped with the right skills. Workplace resilience and stress management go hand in hand in developing effective, more productive teams.

workplace wellbeing training

Applicable, and essential learning and support

Management skills training for better workplace wellbeing

stress management training

Stress Management Courses

Over 500,000 workers a year suffer from work-related stress. Train with CMP to develop effective techniques for coping with stress at work, for a productive and healthy team.

building resilience at work

Building Resilience at Work

One of the first steps in building personal resilience at work is recognising when to say ‘no’ and when to ask for help. We provide the abilities and tools needed to build resilient teams.

mindfulness in the workplace


Since it’s the first introduction into workplaces in 1979 mindfulness has grown in popularity and has shown to relieve stress, and build resilience. An excellent way to improve staff wellbeing.

How we train

CMP trainers have a wealth of personal experience working in major organisations and are continually refining the training they offer. All of our programmes contain a rich variety of activities from ice-breakers, to real-life examples and facilitated discussions. We have a range of existing course packages and also provide bespoke programmes.

We work in partnership with Lilipad, a highly experienced management training business. With 25 years of experience, Lilipad help us to deliver interactive and facilitative training that helps to embed the learning for our customers. Learning experiences will be enjoyable, memorable and provide long-lasting improvements in productivity and engagement. CMP & Lilipad have expertise in delivering for many public, private and third sector organisations.

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Our learning cycle

We use the CMP Learning Cycle to not just give people new soft skills – but, more importantly, to change people’s underlying state of mind, their intentions, leading to a more instinctive use of the skills and behaviours.

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CMP's learning cycle, teaching you the soft skills to resolve conflict

Building emotional resilience at work

We feel very passionately about ensuring employees across organisations have the abilities and tools to build resilience. Building resilience is a crucial factor in developing employees who can deal with workplace stress. Resilience helps employees to cope with the everyday demands of the workplace.

Resilience is not a characteristic that people are born with. The different ways we approach life, decisions we make and experiences in our upbringing can all have an impact on how resilient we are. It is therefore very possible to train your staff, in building their personal resilience. At CMP, we have a range of resilience building training options ranging from short ‘Micro Bite’ courses to 2-day long masterclass programmes.

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Mindfulness at work training courses

Mindfulness is an approach which has its origins in various religions and traditions, from Hinduism and Buddhism to Yoga. Practising mindfulness at work first started in 1979 and has since grown in popularity. The benefits of mindfulness at work include stress relief, resilience building and improvements in mental health.

Our mindfulness at work training courses are available in a variety of lengths and packages. We can also create bespoke mindfulness training programmes, tailored to your unique needs. In training your team to practice being mindful at work, you’ll be on your way to building a healthier, more productive workplace.

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