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The UK’s leading independent provider of

Workplace relationship development, conflict management and dispute resolution services

We help people have more interactive and intelligent conversations at work. Better conversations are the foundation of an open, trusting and productive ‘Clear Air’ culture.

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Our Services

Workplace Investigation from CMP resolutions


Use professional expertise to resolve complex, sensitive situations and threats to the organisation: student and staff complaints, bullying and harassment.

Mediation and dispute resolution from CMP resolutions


Open up opportunities for the informal dispute resolution of misunderstandings and grievances; including complaints of bullying, discrimination and harassment.

Learning and Development from CMP resolutions


Enable leaders, managers and teams to learn and develop their technical and soft skills, to enable them to be the backbone of your ‘Clear Air’ culture of conversation.

Consultancy Icon from CMP resolutions


If your people are your greatest asset, enable better employee relations to be the basis for improved engagement, compliance, organisational performance, development and innovation.

Workplace Relationship Management


We provide a toolkit of soft skills needed to harness the differences between us all.

We’re all different in our backgrounds, personalities and outlook. In the workplace this can cause misunderstandings and complaints. But when there’s trust and intelligent conversations, difference becomes the source of productivity, new insights, solutions and innovation.

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My test of a good training provider lies not with it's "off the shelf" courses, but in how it applies its skills to the context of the customer. The tailored training course provided by CMP not only met my benchmark test, but exceeded it by some margin. From commissioning to organising the training, then the delivery and follow up CMP have been exceptional as they are interested not only in the quality of what they deliver but in the quality of what we as a customer can then do.

Senior HR Manager, Highlands and Islands Enterprise