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Our ambition is to create workplaces where people can really be authentic, bringing their ‘whole self’ to work, without the fear of conflict or reprisal

Conflict often arises in any organisation. Some disputes may be minor, whilst others escalate into something more serious which require formal processes. We offer training and services to help you manage conflict internally, as well as mediation and investigation services. All of our work is based on the belief that Conversational Integrity is the foundation of an open, trusting, and productive, 'Psychologically Safe', ‘Clear Air’ workplace culture, making organisations 'Fearless'.

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Our Conflict Management Services, many of which are now 'remote'

If not properly dealt with, office disagreements can become prolonged disputes, that are frustrating, time-consuming and difficult to resolve. CMP practitioners are expertly trained to understand the psychology behind conflict, so they can effectively work with you to navigate conflict at work.

Workplace Investigation from CMP resolutions


When conflict in the workplace becomes complex, sensitive, or a threat to your organisation, we have the professional expertise to resolve it. Our investigators are experienced in student and staff complaints, bullying and harassment.

Mediation and dispute resolution from CMP resolutions


Often, workplace disputes can be dealt with informally, reducing the financial and emotional cost to your business. Like many problems, when it comes to conflict management, preventing the issue from escalating is better than a cure.

Learning and Development from CMP resolutions


Managers spend around 40% of their time resolving employee conflict at work. Attending our training programs allows for the development of technical and soft skills, to help manage and crucially prevent workplace disputes more effectively.

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We’ve been pioneers of workplace relationship development and dispute resolution for nearly 30 years. We’ll draw on our experience to help your organisation improve its employee relations, as we understand that people are your greatest asset.

How to deal with Conflict at work

Almost all workplaces will experience some form of conflict. Such conflict may be clearly visible, for example a loud heated argument between colleagues. Other conflict may be more difficult to detect, perhaps when staff members bottle up their feelings as a coping mechanism, in such a way that negatively impacts their work.

Negative conflict can have many damaging effects on your organisation. Staff involved in disputes may become less motivated or stressed which can lead to increased absence rates. Behaviours may develop that damage productivity, such as arguments, confrontation or lack of effective communication.

Avoiding conflict at work is a mistake. Though we want to avoid negative conflict, we can transform our differences into a positive force within the workplace. In harnessing the differences between us, a more creative and productive working environment can be established.

There are a number of ways to manage conflict, depending on the level of dispute. A quiet discussion from a well-trained manager may be sufficient for low-level disagreements. Early intervention using Mediation services can prevent the need for formal grievance procedures. Neutral assessments can identify and explore how negative situations have arisen, and provide pathways to improve and build better teams. Formal procedures such as a thorough investigation may be a necessity in more complex cases.

When you get in touch with us, our highly experienced team will take the time to understand your business and the challenges which you are experiencing. We’ll be able to provide the best recommendation on how to resolve the situation, in the timeliest, most cost-effective way to re-build the working relationships to their optimal strength.

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Workplace Relationship Management


We provide a toolkit of soft skills needed to harness the differences between us all.

We’re all different in our backgrounds, personalities and outlook. In the workplace this can cause misunderstandings and complaints. But when there’s trust and intelligent conversations, difference becomes the source of productivity, new insights, solutions and innovation.

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My test of a good training provider lies not with it's "off the shelf" courses, but in how it applies its skills to the context of the customer. The tailored training course provided by CMP not only met my benchmark test, but exceeded it by some margin. From commissioning to organising the training, then the delivery and follow up CMP have been exceptional as they are interested not only in the quality of what they deliver but in the quality of what we as a customer can then do.

Senior HR Manager, Highlands and Islands Enterprise