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CMP partners with The National NHS Trust Procurement Directory

Investigation 2nd November 2020

The National NHS Trust Procurement Directory, launched in January 2001, is designed to enable senior-level staffing within individual Trusts to communicate with their counterparts in other NHS organisations and source the best available products and services

The directory¬† is distributed to over 12,500 directors and senior management, twice a year, totally free of charge, the directory contains details of management staff within HR, Facilities and Procurement within, Health Authorities & Organisations, Hospital Trusts, Mental Health Trusts, Ambulance Service Trusts and GP Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s).

We have been using the National NHS Procurement Directory for a number of years as a networking tool when carrying out collaborative procurement exercises.The directory is user friendly and allows us to easily access our colleagues across the country, often to great benefit, both in terms of the contacts made, the information sharing that occurs and the mutual benefits that are derived. This publication definitely has a place in all NHS departments!

Suzanne Scannell - Associate Director of Procurement, West Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

This directory allows NHS organisations to work in wider groups than their STP's, finding new strategic partners, and using a greater buying power to reduce costs. A fantastic free resource.

Richard Peachey, Head of Business Development, CMP Resolutions

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