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Resolve conflict without the need for costly formal processes

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Traditionally when complaints emerged in the workplace, a lengthy and often costly formal process was the 'go-to' solution. We provide a distinct option in the form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Save time, money and stress for all those involved, and prevent conflict from escalating, when you intervene early on.

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Workplace Mediation settling disputes

Early intervention to guide participants to acceptable solutions to the issues they face

A range of Alternative dispute resolution services, tailored to your unique needs

We provide you with support in order to resolve interpersonal conflict between staff or within a team. The art of alternative dispute resolution can take place through a range of methods including facilitated conversations and mediation. Save money, prevent issues from escalating and reduce the negative impacts of conflict for all involved.

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Facilitated Conversations

A facilitated conversation is an alternative, informal option to resolve disputes at an early stage. When a working relationship deteriorates, it can be difficult to have a productive conversation. Our team of expert workplace facilitators can ‘clear the air’ between all those involved.

Training workplace mediators to mediate

Workplace Mediation Services

Mediation offers an excellent alternative to formal dispute resolution in a wide range of circumstances. Our expert mediators facilitate conversations at a needs based level, to improve understanding, rebuild damaged relationships and form actionable solutions.

workplace Mediation for team disputes

Alternative Dispute Resolution Training Courses

To effectively resolve conflicts in their early stages through alternative dispute resolution, a certain level of skill and training is required. We offer a wide range of courses from short introductory workshops, to ILM-certified programmes and more advanced options.

Meet our alternative dispute resolution practitioners

Since our formation in 1989, we’ve built up and developed a large pool of Alternative Dispute Resolution practitioners. Thanks to our large and diverse range of talents, we provide a hand-picked practitioner to best suit the needs of your specific case, sector and location. Here are just a few members of our active pool:



Janet has spent over 20 years in the NHS and now sits on the Midlands Mediation Network Committee. Now with CMP, she focuses on a range of Alternative Dispute Resolution methods including mediation and neutral assessments.



Michael has spent over a decade with CMP and holds CEDR accreditation. He is widely experienced in delivering alternative dispute resolution services in the workplace, and for family/ community conflicts.

Liz McCaw


Liz sits on the board of directors at CMP, whilst also delivering Alternative Dispute Resolution Services on our behalf. Also a qualified coach and restorative justice practitioner, Liz has a strong passion for 1:1 development techniques.

Tim Square 2018


Tim, former head of Diversity and Equality policy at the Royal Navy holds a supervisory role amongst CMP practitioners. Tim delivers Alternative Dispute Resolution services on our behalf across a diverse range of clients and sectors.

How can alternative dispute resolution methods help?

When issues or conflicts develop between staff, most organisations will take some initial actions to resolve the situation. For some, when this fails, the only option they then have is to initiate a formal procedure. This can be a costly process, involve a lot of stress, and divert a large amount of energy and resources. When complaints are not upheld, this can make the situation worse, and leave further damage to an already fractured relationship.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can offer a more favourable option. We support your staff to have open, honest conversations at the needs-based level to help develop an increased understanding between the parties. Our practitioners aim to provide a safe environment within which the parties feel confident and trusting enough to raise their concerns.

Throughout the process, our practitioner will help guide the staff members towards workable solutions which can then be acted upon to strengthen the way they interact. Not only is this successful in addressing present issues, it often makes the parties more resilient to future pressures and strains.

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Working with such an experienced and professional organisation has been incredibly refreshing and our in-house mediation service has been enhanced as a result. The ILM endorsed course was fantastic and people left feeling confident with the skills. The course content was comprehensive and the training techniques first class. CMP worked with us to discuss service development and implementation, and provided a lot of support which has helped immensely in getting this project off the ground.

HR projects Manager, University of York