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Highly experienced and professional handling of

Workplace Sexual Harassment Investigations

Complaints and allegations of sexual harassment are high profile and can carry significant reputational risk. By outsourcing your case to CMP, you'll receive a sexual harassment investigation of the highest standard, with an empathy to the emotional stress involved. In doing so you'll not only ensure that your employee's complaints are dealt with in a fair and timely manner, you'll also minimise any threat to your brand, finances and reputation.

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Ensure you respond in a timely, robust and empathetic manner while minimising organisational risk

Workplace sexual harassment investigation services and training tailored to your needs

Investigation expertise and training

One-off Sexual Harassment Investigations

Sexual harassment can be one of the most difficult experiences a worker or student can face. Such cases, when reported can be highly complex and challenging  to address. We’ll support you in providing a prompt, thorough, expert sexual harassment investigation, provided by one of our hand-picked and most highly skilled practitioners with experience in your sector.

Contracted investigation services

Call-off Contracts for Investigating Sexual Harassment Complaints

No organisation wants to consider it may have multiple needs for sexual harassment investigations. However, setting up a call of contract with CMP can cover all forms of workplace investigations and can speed up your response to allegations, improve our understanding of your organisation and of course achieve commercially the best possible rates for our services.

Investigations training

Train to Investigate Sexual Harassment

No matter how naturally talented your management team is, we believe sexual harassment complaints require specifically trained leaders. Our training packages are delivered by expert practitioners, all highly experienced in carrying out workplace sexual harassment investigations. We offer a comprehensive, 3-day ILM-endorsed investigator course, as well as shorter courses and workshops, which we can bespoke to your organisation.

How we help

The handling of sexual harassment complaints in the workplace can be complex, involving tangles of claims and counter-claims. Sometimes these may involve senior staff, making such allegations increasingly challenging. We believe staff investigating sexual harassment complaints need to demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism. With increasing awareness-raising and media campaigns, fair treatment is simply critical.

CMP has been carrying out workplace sexual harassment investigations on behalf of employers, within higher education and the wider public sector, for 30 years. Our experience has made us the UK’s leading provider. We have an established network of highly experienced investigators, based in locations across the UK, who will deliver a fair, robust and quality service in line with legislation and best practice.

When conducting a sexual harassment investigation, we’ll assign an investigator to your case within one working day, who will meet with you to create a final scope and terms of reference. The first interview will commence within 10 working days, and you can expect to receive a comprehensive, quality-assured report no later than 30 working days after making the referral.

When we investigate sexual harassment at work, we establish and present evidence for:

  1. Whether the conduct complained of related to the complainant’s protected characteristic
  2. Whether the conduct was unwanted by the complainant
  3. Whether the conduct had the purpose of violating the person’s dignity or of creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for the person – or as described in the client’s policy
  4. Whether the conduct had the effect of violating the person’s dignity or of creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for the complainant – or as described in the client’s policy
  5. If the conduct had that effect, taking into account all the circumstances of the case, including the complainant’s perception, whether it was reasonable for the conduct to have had that effect

Where not dictated by the client’s own policy, findings for sexual harassment investigations are made using one of the following outcomes:

Upheld; Upheld in part; Not upheld due to insufficient evidence; Not upheld; The allegations are vexatious and malicious

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One-off Investigations into Sexual Harassment in the workplace

When outsourcing your sexual harassment investigation to CMP, you have the reassurance that you are working with the UK’s leading provider. We’ll assign you an investigator who is highly experienced in carrying out investigations into sexual harassment complaints. All of our investigators are experts with many years’ experience, and we’ll always endeavour to provide a practitioner who has previously worked within your sector. Our sexual harassment investigations are completed in a timely manner to minimise stress and disruption for all involved.

Studies report that half of British women and a fifth of men have experienced sexual harassment at work. There is also an increasing concern surrounding sexual harassment amongst students. Such incidents can include sexual comments, offensive jokes, sharing of explicit material, unwanted contact and sexual assault. It is crucial that your organisation establishes a barrier between what is acceptable, and what is not. A comprehensive investigation when an issue is raised is just one of many steps that all forward-thinking organisations should take to ensure they are effectively dealing with sexual harassment complaints, and developing robust policies and procedures.

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Call-off Contracts for dealing with sexual harassment complaints

Sexual harassment complaints can often be complex, sensitive or high-risk. When so much is at stake, including the reputation of senior staff and your organisation, it makes sense to have the investigation carried out independently by an experienced pair of hands. Our highly experienced investigators will complete the process in a timely, comprehensive manner, saving you both money and time, in comparison to an internal procedure.

We work with many large organisations, who have a high volume of complaints to be investigated. Smaller organisations also benefit from call-off contracts, as they may lack the HR support/ experience needed to investigate, or their leaders may know the involved parties too closely to remain impartial. Our investigators are experienced in investigating sexual harassment grievances across a range of organisations. When working with you as part of a long-term contract, we can also report emerging issues that require attention to you, providing further value to your organisation.

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The administration from CMP was exactly as it should have been, efficient, available and in the background. Throughout the process the investigator maintained a very professional approach and maintained confidence of all those involved in the case.

Senior Independent Director, South East Coast Ambulance Service