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Over 30 years expert experience in

Delivering Workplace Grievance Investigation Services

To manage the risks posed by carrying out a grievance investigation, the person conducting the process must be highly skilled, consistent and robust in their methodology. When outsourcing your grievance investigation case to CMP, you'll ensure that the process is carried out in the right way, first time.

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Investigation expertise and training

An established network of highly experienced grievance investigators to deliver your case in a fair, robust and timely manner

Ensure the highest quality standards when you outsource your grievance investigation

Thanks to our 30 years' experience we have developed an unrivalled, expert understanding of the grievance investigation process. All of our grievance investigators many years' experience and must undergo a thorough recruitment process. When a formal grievance is made, a prompt response is essential. We can assign an investigator to your employee grievance case within 1 working day who will prioritise your case whilst relieving the burden from your internal staff resource.

workplace bullying investigation services

Workplace Bullying Investigation Services

All employers have a legal duty of care to deal with workplace bullying complaints. CMP have an expert understanding of the workplace bullying investigation procedure, and will conduct your case in line with your organisational policies. In doing so you’ll minimise any risk of failure at employment tribunal.

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Workplace Sexual Harassment Investigation Services

Cases of sexual harassment or misconduct can be particularly difficult to deal with. They carry an emotional turmoil for all parties involved and potentially devastating consequences for those accused. When outsourcing your sexual harassment investigation to CMP, you’ll ensure the process is completed to the highest degree of fairness and respect to all.

workplace grievance investigation services

Investigation Services for Other Complaints

We offer investigations services for a range of other complaints. We have investigators with specialist experience in healthcare serious incidents, student complaints and whistle-blowing cases. We also regularly investigate compliance, ethics,  bribery, harassment, disciplinary cases, and more.

Why choose CMP as your outsourced grievance investigation provider?

When a formal employee grievance is raised, a fair grievance investigation is a crucial stage in any employer’s response. When working with us, your assigned CMP investigator will gather all available evidence to find out what we can about the issue, while ensuring all parties are treated equally and fairly.

If a grievance case reaches the employment tribunal stage, you must be able to demonstrate that the investigation has been fairly conducted to avoid failure. Outsourcing your case to an expert external grievance investigation provider is the best way of assuring this.

CMP stand out from our competition, for a number of key reasons:

  1. We abide to the highest quality standards for grievance investigations. We developed and work in accordance to our own best practice standards, sitting above the ACAS minimum guidelines.
  2. Our large pool of active grievance investigators means that we offer the fastest possible response time, and will assign an investigator to your case within 24 hours.
  3. We only employ the highest quality grievance Investigators, subject to a rigorous recruitment practice, and ongoing assessment.
  4. Our wide ranging and broad client list make it highly likely that we have experience in your sector.
  5. With a dedicated central office resource, you can be sure that we’ll deliver a thorough, quality and transparent service throughout your grievance case.
  6. Our approach to pricing means that our initial scoping is 90% accurate. You’ll have clarity on project costs from the start, and should anything change, we will always check with you first.
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Workplace Bullying Investigations

Investigating bullying in the workplace when allegations are made is a crucial step to ensure that the issue is recognised as unacceptable within your organisation. When outsourcing your bullying investigation to CMP, not only will we conduct your case in a fair, empathetic manner, you’ll also demonstrate the highest degree of impartiality.

No organisation can be considered bully-proof. Bullying is one of the most common challenges found in the UK workplace. At the employee level, it has detrimental effects on job-satisfaction, health and well being. Likewise, bullying can be costly for the organisation, resulting in higher employee absence levels, lower turnover, reduced productivity, and increasingly often, litigation.

At CMP, all of our workplace bullying investigators have high levels of practical experience. Using our outsourced investigations services for bullying allegations will improve your chances of successfully dealing with the issue, without unwanted consequences at a formal tribunal.

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Workplace Investigation Services for Other Complaints

Involving an independent investigator reduces the risk of mishandled cases. You’ll lessen your reliance on HR and senior managers in time-consuming activities. Using one of CMP’s expert investigators limits the potential for failure at appeals and escalation to formal tribunals.

We can take on one-off investigations to deal with serious and complex cases. Other issues we regularly deal with include:

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The UK’s leading independent provider of

Workplace Relationship Management & Dispute Resolution Services

Our ambition is to create workplaces where people can really be authentic, bringing their ‘whole self’ to work, without the fear of conflict.

CMP is a pioneer of approaches to manage and improve workplace relationships – a prime mover in the development and adoption of professional approaches to mediation, investigation and Conversational Integrity.

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The administration from CMP was exactly as it should have been, efficient, available and in the background. Throughout the process the investigator maintained a very professional approach and maintained confidence of all those involved in the case.

Senior Independent Director, South East Coast Ambulance Service